UAV Detection & jamming System

System Features

  • Working Frequency:  300MHz–6GHz
  • Detection Range:  6 to 10km in open air.
  • Detection Angle:  360°
  • Detection Accuracy:≤3°
  • Detection Channels:  10
  • Detection Bandwith in real time:  120MHz
  • First time drone detection time:  ≤2s
  • Detection targets at the same time:  ≤40units

Multi Band Vehicle jamming System

System Features

  • Protecting military and VIP convoys from the threat of Remote Control Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs)
  • implementing the most effective and reliable RF jamming technology and equipped with a fully-integrated broadband jamming system.
  • JAM can cover, continuously and simultaneously, all the RF communication Frequencies 20MHz ~6000MHz which are most commonly used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs (RCIEDs).
  • System management, including activation and control and operation is carried out through a wired remote control unit installed covertly inside the driver’s console unit.

Multi Band Back jamming System

System Features

•   High power multi-band jammer backpack style
   Modular design, Easy maintenance, repair and upgrade
   The jammer can be combined with up to 6 different jammer modules
•   Total RF output power of a single set reach 90watt
   Easy to carry, Backpack design.
   Battery inside.
•   External liquid crystal display, can display battery level.
   Intelligent cooling system.
   All of design fit military demand.