TrioSecure is a Specialized Company in Security Solutions; we integrate Technical Security and Information Security Management to provide our customers with comprehensive services. Using more than 100 Tools and services we give you the highest visibility on what happens in your Network from internet prospective.

In TrioSecure we conduct our assessments not only on the normal internet but also we do our assessments on the deep and dark internet to provide you with 360 view reports, that support you in building solid internal systems that protect your company from any future attacks and malware.

Vulnerability Management Suite

Our Information Security and Vulnerability Management Suite – assists in implementing a comprehensive GRC strategy for managing an organization’s overall governance, risk, and compliance with regulations. Its integration with the GRC strategy helps in managing security and compliance to reduce overall business risks. It generates many types of reports based on Industry Standard and best practices such as CIS, PCI-DSS, and OWASP 2010.


Dynamic application security testing

Our Information Security and DAST scans the websites and web applications outside-in and identifies the vulnerabilities and security issues within them in the running state. It runs on operating code to detect issues with interfaces, requests, responses, scripting, data injections, sessions, authentications, and more.

Penetration testing software

Our Information Security and penetration testing software helps you use their own weapons against them. Utilizing an ever-growing database of exploits, you can safely simulate real-world attacks on your network to train your security team to spot and stop the real thing.


Intelligent Threat Data

Our Information Security process and experience of Collecting, analyzing, and sharing data for over a decade has allowed us to develop an extensive network of sensors, sharing agreements, and community contributors. The result is our vast database of unique and historically rich – “intelligent” – threat data.


  • Threat Surface Identification.
  • Threat Intelligence analysis.
  • Security Assessment/Penetration testing.
  • Google/Bing Profile assessment.
  • Deep Internet Analysis.
  • Cyber Security Professional Services.
  • Cyber Security Framework & Solutions.
  • Information Security KPI’s Management.
  • Vulnerability management KPI’s.
  • Change Management KPI’s.
  • Access Control KPI’s.
  • Information Security Awareness KPI’s.
  • Incident Management KPI’s.
  • Standards Gap analysis sheets.
  • Controls effectiveness Matrix.
  • Internal / External Penetration Testing.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & PT Testing.
  • Mobile App Security Testing.
  • Web Application/Firewall And External Testing.
  • Data Encryption & Storage Security Testing.
  • Red Teaming & Ethical Hacking testing scenarios.
  • Infrastructure Testing (wireless, Servers, WAN, LAN).