Emergency Communication Solutions

In recent years, public security incidents such as terrorist attacks, International crimes, earthquakes, forest fires happen frequently, how to quickly respond to those critical moments is a great challenge for public security departments.


Hytera Emergency Communication Solutions solution (Imesh), consisting of vehicle node and backpacked node, provides customers the ability to setup a Flexible topology wireless broadband communication network quickly, which enables voice, video and data transmission services for emergency communication.

Highlights of EMS Solution


Supporting multiple topologies including chain, star, random, and hybrid and self- organizing automatically when just power on.


Mesh authentication, Wi-Fi authentication and multi-way encryption ensure every data packet transferred in the safest way.

Large Capacity

High Spectral Efficiency of 6 bps/Hz. Throughput: 60 Mbps @ 10 MHz(Max.), supporting 15 channels 1080P videos

High Mobility

iMesh Network can keeping connecting and working even though they are under the speed of 120km/h.