About Us

TrioSecure is distributor of radio communication and Security Solutions, with dedicated R&D team and technologies partnerships developing algorithms and hardware for recognition and processing of intercepted communications signals and AI Solutions.

We specialise Radio Communication solutions, providing End-To-End communication system:

Network/ system design

Coverage study

System configuration

Site survey

Installation and supervision

Maintenance and Support Services

In TrioSecure we conduct our assessments not only on the normal internet but also we do our assessments on the deep and dark internet in order to provide you with 360 results and recommendations for building a solid internal system that protect your organization from any future attacks and Malware. Our goal is to help clients design and incorporate security into their IT infrastructure in a manner, which supports the company business strategy.

The internationally accredited tools we provide in TrioSecure are highly effective and customer friendly to allow the management team in your organization to track and have a clear view on the security threats at their fingerprint.